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Harry/Hermione Fan Fiction Writer's Workshop

Because they deserve the best

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All Members , Moderated
This Community is for H/Hr fan fiction writer's, beta-readers, and fans, to come and share, discuss, and help each other out on stories they are working on for the Harry/Hermione shipper community.

If you care to join, please remember that if you are not a Harry/Hermione shipper, that you still treat fellow members with respect and do not flame stories.

Rules: (subject to change)

1. Use common sense when interacting with other members. Be civil
2. NO SLASH...this is a H/Hr community only.
3. Try to say at least one constructive comment, in regards to stories posted. (It's nice to hear "Oh my god, that was soooo good", but it makes a better writer to hear, "Oh that was good, but you flip tenses every now and then").
4. You may link to Portkey, WitherWings, or other H/Hr friendly user sites, but may NOT link to Mugglenet, The Leaky Cauldron, or the Cos Forums because I do not want to encourage traffic to those sites.
5. Please identify any smut or anything that could be deemed R Rated or above in the post for those that wish to avoid such. ETA (1/06): Please put story behind an LJ cut tag.
6. Not a rule exactly, but an encouragement. Please post the portions or all of the fic that you wish to be read/critiqued directly to this journal. I believe you will get more constructive responses this way, for many will feel too wary to be critical else where.